Monday, September 24, 2012


To say the time Hudson was away in surgery was nerve wracking is an understatement.  We knew going into any surgery it was going to be hard on him due to his underdevelopment.  He received a pick line earlier today that was his first successful operation of the day.  The 2nd one was more invasive.  We were told the surgery would start around noon today, then it got pushed back to closer to 3:30 pm.  Kim and I ate lunch then back to the waiting room.  The surgeons did not get started until 4 pm.  When it was all said and done, it was 5:30 pm.  Hudson now has a pick line in his left arm, an IV in his right foot, an IV in his right arm and a failed attempt at an IV in his left foot along with two tubes down his throat (one for breathing and one for suction).  I forgot about the heart monitor stuff too!  Poor guy. 

The surgery was successful and I will attempt to explain everything they did.  First, they gave him a bath in sanitizing beta-something.  Then he got put on anesthesia and the surgeons removed his umbilical vein central line.  Next, they removed his drain and increased his incision from his lower right stomach to underneath the belly button.  Once they did that they were able to examine his whole intestine.  At first, they could not find a hole.  So they created a hole in the intestine and flushed saline solution both ways (up and down) to see if any leakage occurred. This reminded me of how I found the 7 or 8 water line breaks in my house a few years ago, turn on the water and watch for leaking water. 

They found the hole (it was hidden) and removed that section of intestine.  They were able to attach the upper part of the intestine to the surface of his skin and create an ostomy (a place for a bag to collect his stools).  This will prove whether his intestines work or not.  His first stool might happen in 3 to 4 days, so its still a waiting game!! 

The surgeon was pleased with how everything went today and overall it appears to be an isolated event with no further damage to his intestine, only time will tell. Hudson did get more blood today, his 3rd transfusion in less than a week, and might have gotten too much because he is a bit red.  See the picture below. 

I asked the doctor how his blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc went and he said very well.  Hudson's first blood gas after surgery had some high numbers associated with it, PH - can't remember, CO2 was 78, acid level -10.  They adjusted some vent settings and his next blood gas an hour later was: PH - 7.25, CO2 - 47 & acid level: -7.  This was to be expected and he is already showing improvement.  Hopefully he'll do well on his next gas this evening. 
After he gets to be at least 2 kilograms (about 4.5 pounds for the non-metric people), they will do a test to see if he has any intestinal disease (the doctor didn't think so but needs to rule it out).  Once Hudson grows to be 3-5 kilograms (about 6.5 pounds to 11 pounds) they will go back in and re-attach the intestines together.  This will be part 2 of his surgery.
Kim and I are exhausted but our nurse Donna was fabulous today!!  She calmed out nerves, was patient and was Hudson's advocate all day!!  Time for some much needed rest for all, Hudson included.  Thanks again for all of your prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement!!

Hudson's pick line in his left arm
His foot IV

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  1. Every time I read your blog and look at baby Hudson I cry. I am glad he is doing ok. I am always praying for you guys. If there is anything I could do just let me know.

    Lisa :)