Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday - A day of rest

Hudson has continued to show positive signs that he is improving, for example his numbers today from two gasses were: PH: 7.21 & 7.28; CO2: 47 & 51; Acid Level: 0 & -2.  These are all awesome!!!

The staff has been pumping Hudson with extra Oxygen and even a blood transfusion today to get him primed for surgery tomorrow. One question I have learned to ask is what if we wait, what are the consequences/benefits of doing it now vs. waiting a few days?  The reason they want to do it tomorrow is the sooner they fix the intestine, the sooner he can get breast milk instead of an IV full of stuff.  The surgeon also said the sooner they can do the surgery the less scar tissue will form and easier it will be on both Hudson and the surgeons.  Kim and I agreed to it via a phone call this morning and tomorrow is the big day!! 

It will be a rough go for him for the next week or so due in part to under-developed everything and a sick or weak immune system.  The past few days he has been a boring patient, but tomorrow that will no longer be the case.  Here's to hoping for a fast and healthy recovery.  The sooner he can get Kim's milk the sooner he will be tasting what the nurses call .... liquid gold!!!!

Hudson wants to suck his thumb but can't due to breathing tube and stomach suction tube.

Mommy......No More Pictures!!!

Hudson had a full weekend of family visitors and he enjoyed them all - he told me.  Thanks to all who have helped us out the past several weeks, it is greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.

Holding Mommy's pinky finger.

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