Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't blink...

We blinked...Henry turned the big ONE on August, 24th and Hudson turned the big TWO on September 19th!!!

Hudson and Henry are doing great.  Hudson doesn't like Henry to show him up, so if Henry starts doing something, Hudson is usually one to two weeks behind.  They both are crawling and walking.  Hudson is still battling with his lazy left eye.  Daily we give him an eye drop in his good eye to blur vision so it forces him to use his lazy eye.  He goes back in November for his next eye appointment.

Hudson is in the 2 year old class at school and Henry is in the 1 year class at school.  They both LOVE school.  Henry loves his Miss Tammy and Hudson loves his Miss Jada (he calls her JJ).

Here are some pictures over the past year of the boys:)  They are growing like weeds!










First quarter happenings:)

This was supposed to be posted in March...I just realized it was saved not published.  Sorry.

January was a tough month, February and March haven't been ideal either.  Henry got his first ambulance ride...oye...and a few days in the hospital for RSV. Hudson had his normal rsv shot (a shot to prevent rsv) and from our standpoint that shot has worked.  Hudson has still be in an inhaler all winter to help strengthen his lungs.  Henry has been on breathing treatments on and off.