Sunday, October 28, 2012

Colts Win

Hudson and Daddy rocked while I gave them updates on the game today.  They were both proudly sporting their colts gear!  Ok, Hudson really didn't have a choice, but I think he'll thank me later for it.  A nurse that Hudson has had stopped by to make sure Ben knew the Colts had won...I'm not sure who is more spoiled in the NICU...Ben or Hudson?  Geesh!

As far as an update for Hudson, he's continuing to gain weight which is great!  Today we weighed in at 1600 grams!  A little over 3lbs 8oz!  Some of you may not be surprised by the next number...he's still 16 inches tall.  (he doesn't exactly have a big chance to be 6ft with us as parents though).  The medical team did not make any changes or adjustments to his care plan today.

Ben and I went home yesterday to get Hudson's room ready.  His room is officially ready for him:)  We still have a few other things to get, but nothing that will stop him from coming home:)

"My new house looks like a mansion, compared to my current house!" - Hudson
(his nurses call his isolette his house)

"Why did my Mommy take a picture of my dresser?" - Hudson

"Daddy and I love the COLTS!  I'm so happy they won!" - Hudson

"Mommy's turn holding me!" - Hudson

"I have to gain 200 more grams before I can be in a big boy crib and can be held as much as Mommy and Daddy want to hold me!" - Hudson

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