Monday, October 22, 2012

New game plan

Routine and Plans...that's Ben...Middle of the road routine and plans...that's Kim (me)...Off roading the routine and plans...that's Hudson!

Scoop of the day!
  1. Hudson had a few brady's during the night shift, nothing too concerning,
  2. Hudson's nurse also told us to never have him around an open flame once he's home because he is such a little gas!  ber & smh
  3. His oxygen has stayed between 25% to 30%.  
  4. They are adding the max amount of calories to his food to get him to gain weight.
  5. We met Hudson's new attending...she is no nonsense and aggressive...her goal for Hudson is:
    1. chunk him up
    2. get off vapotherm
    3. have his 2nd surgery in 3 weeks (this will depend on weight and surgeon)
  6. His nurse dipped his pacifier today in his breast milk so he got to taste it for the first time today! He was funny, because then she had a dropper and would give him a drop at a time and it was like he was begging for more!
  7. Hudson is notorious for pulling his feeding tube out!  Today, his nurse did her best tape job and made the comment he wouldn't be able to pull that one out...he didn't pull it out, but he slobbered and gummed it out!  He was pretty proud of himself!
Shots of the day!
"Mommy, do I really have to go back in my house?" - Hudson

"I wonder what I'll be when I grow up... respiratory therapist, nurse, doctor...ahh the choices" - Hudson

"Mommy sure does talk a lot." - Hudson

"Just give me the pacifier and nobody gets hurt." - Hudson

"Someday my fist will be bigger than Mommy's!" - Hudson

"I thought for sure my fist was bigger than a quarter, get another angle and I want a 50cent piece." - Hudson

"Who's coming to visit?" - Hudson

"OMG!" - Hudson

"Hey you, baby over quiet, respect your elders!" - Hudson
(he looks like a grumpy old man here...too funny)

"Hahaha, and you didn't think I could get my feeding tube out!!!!  Go ahead, dare me again!" - Hudson

"ok ok, please give me my feeding tube back!" - Hudson

"yummy, milk flavored pacifier!!!" - Hudson

"Daddy gave me a hand so my pacifier wouldn't fall out!" - Hudson

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