Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 in one day!

Not very often do I post twice in one day...but I'm just so excited for my lil man!

Sunday he was 3lbs 8oz and yesterday he was 3lbs 10oz and today...3lbs 12oz!  He is working his way up to a crib!!!!  He has to be 4 lbs to graduate to a crib:)

As far as the fun bedside stuff...both care times I took part in today he had a leaky bag.  Which means complete wardrobe change...and he HATES it!  But I've learned my lesson...today I dressed him in a cute onsie, but when it is soiled and has to go over the head.  Makes for a mess!  So once he got all cleaned up and a new bag on he got a sleeper that snapped...no more over the head business!  Right now with his breathing tube and feeding tube it makes it more difficult for outfits that go over his head.

Hudson and I got our snuggle time in, that's my absolute favorite part of my day:)

Today's view of Hudson...    

"I wonder if she'll go away if I act like I'm sleeping." - Hudson

"Mommy says I'm her lil monkey...what happened to Hudson?" - Hudson

"I just had my double espresso, who wants to keep me company!" - Hudson

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