Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Module Closed

Hudson's module has been closed going on 7 hours now.  As much as it upsets me that I've not been able to see him or do his care, I'm praying for the sick baby they are tending to.  Of course, if it doesn't involve Hudson, I don't know why or how long they'll be closed.

As far as an update... I spoke with his nurse a few hours ago.  She hadn't weighed him yet today.  She told me the only change the medical team was making with him today was his vapotherm lpm was going from 3.5 to 3.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday:)

"I am DINO-mite!" - Hudson

"I'm going for the rugged look after my bath...but soon someone will slick my hair down." - Hudson

"My Mommy's friend is a nurse here and gave her this pumpkin hat...I wish my hands were free to take it off.  I look like a pumpkin head." - Hudson

"But I do like how the nurses keep coming over telling me how cute I am!" - Hudson
(Hudson is a little sneak!  Got his feeding tube out again...nurse was giving him a talking to)

"I'll be a good lil pumpkin!" - Hudson
(Ben and I are in BIG trouble...look at that face!)

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