Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Old Hudson!!!

Let me start off by saying Hudson was a good boy today!

Day started off with his usual...labs and a chest xray.  The chest xray showed very little change from the one the night before, but somewhat improvement.  Vent settings had gone higher over night due to his blood gas tests.  His need for oxygen was down though!!!  It was 100% end of day yesterday, this morning it was at 65% and when I left this evening it was down to 50%!!!

Hudson seems to be tolerating the breast milk:)  He was given the go ahead to continue his feedings by his team today.

When his team met and did their rounds this morning we had just missed them:(  We always like to hear what they have to say.  But thankfully the resident LOVES Ben...geesh!  He came back over and talked to us about Hudson's care plan for the day.  Since yesterday and last night were so all over the place with his blood gas tests and the settings continuing to go higher and he was maxed out on his oxygen for most of yesterday and last night they decided they wanted to do an ECHO to see if possibly the PDA was open in his heart.  If this valve is open, it might explain why Hudson is having such a hard time with fluid on his lungs.  They were also going to do another chest xray to see how his lungs were doing after the vent changes that they had made.  Results from the chest xray really had no change.  However, his blood gas test throughout the day continued to improve.  No ECHO report yet...hopefully in the morning.

Ben and I both did hands on care today...every 4 hours:)  Some nurses love it and encourage you to do hands on care, others have a set system and just do it without saying one word that they are doing it. But our day nurse let us be as hands on as possible.  Ben took the temperature both times and together we changed his diaper...geesh!  I'll be so glad when we can change his diaper without having to go through an arm hole door on his box!  I was taking the first diaper off and Hudson was still peeing a little so I put the diaper back on and then Ben is Ben and is doing a play by play for what seemed like everyone in the module to hear.  Finally got that diaper off and changed!  Then 4 hours later the next one...this one was going good until Ben kept pulling the tab of the diaper to fasten it and had successfully given Hudson his first wedgie!  The nurse and I were laughing so hard.  Ben didn't see anything wrong with his diaper.

Today was a hard day for Ben and I.  We learned this morning that Ben's great grandma had passed away.  And this evening Ben went back home to Lafayette.  He is back in the classroom starting tomorrow.  I was instructed though to send as many pics throughout the day of Hudson as I want and to send all blood gas numbers to Ben so he can keep track and to report on anything and everything from Hudson's bedside.

I told Ben I was not going to caption the photos as quotes from Hudson and he was a bit offended...he said but it is funnier.  So, I'm going to attempt to be as funny as Ben.  I love it that Hudson already has so much personality and facial expressions...but really who is surprised?!  After all, he shows traits of Ben and I both...wowza!  Enjoy our memories from today:)

"Daddy...SERIOUSLY!  I'm trying to look cool for my nurses, you holding my hand is really making me not look as cool" -Hudson

"Mommy thinks I'm smiling for her, really I'm just planning my escape route" - Hudson

"Mommy, Daddy gave me a wedgie!  Please don't let Daddy give me another wedgie" - Hudson

"Let's shake on it" - Hudson

"I want a pinky promise too!" - Hudson

"Thanks Mommy, we just won't tell Daddy about this...ok?" - Hudson

"I'm comfortable, please quit moving me and waking me up.  Sweet Dreams" - Hudson


  1. Kim and Ben I just love looking at the pictures of Hudson and reading the captions!! They are funny and you can tell by the pictures he totally has both of your personalities, and these captions could not have fit better for these pictures. I am continuing to pray for all of you, and I hope you get some answers soon. I love you all and if you need anyting please let me you all!!

  2. LOL I love the captions....I like that Hudson is saying them....cause between both of you, I can so see him saying what the captions say. He is just too darn cute!! Keep getting stronger buddy!! So you can break out of that joint! :) Love you guys