Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running Man

Today started out pretty typical...I walked into the NICU, his nurse greeted me and told me what a good boy he was being and that his last blood gas test was great and they lowered the PIP vent setting a little.  Said his chest xray looked better than it has and that the ECHO results were back, and the doctor wanted to be paged when I got there to discuss both results.  I finished washing up and then she said, oh yeah and Hudson and I had a photo shoot this morning.  I said what do you mean and when I walked around to the other side of his bed I saw this:

My heart instantly melted:)  I was so touched that his nurse took the time to think about doing this, make the lil prop and work with him on getting a picture with his eyes open!  I was so touched by this.  I thanked her over and over again, she's like no worries.  I knew today would be a hard day with Ben going back to work and I made his little message to be a math equation since Dad is a math teacher.

So finally the doctor comes back and tells me that he is very happy with Hudson's chest xray today.  It looks the best it ever has!  The right upper lung that has continuously been collapsed or partially collapsed was neither of those today!!!  Granted, his lungs are NO WHERE near out of the woods, but this is in the right direction!  The doctor said that with his blood gas being what it was today that they would do another gas at 8pm and depending on those results possibly making another minor vent change.  He said he wants Hudson's lungs to be maintained by the vent, but slow and steady they would continue to lower his settings to get him off the vent.  Doctor doesn't want any big changes made because we'd just take steps back then.  Then he went on to discuss the ECHO results, he said the PDA that they were looking for in the ECHO was not there.  Which was a good thing and that was one more thing we could cross off our list!  

Hudson had a major temper tantrum today for about 90 minutes straight!  He was mad!!!  I was watching him and all of a sudden both legs start stretching, then kicking and then his arms were going and it looked like his right hand was trying pull his hair and his left hand kept grabbing his tubes.  Basically in that time the nurse with my help a few times changed his position (belly, back, side), changed his diaper 2x, both of which were poopy, which surprised me but the nurse said it was still normal for him to be working that out of his lower half of his intestines.  The RT came over and suctioned his tube thinking maybe he had something, but no.  All the while carrying on his his arms, legs, and the most pitiful face ever!  Another RT comes in that has had Hudson and said, what's going on, are you training him for a marathon, he looks like "Running Man".  So for the rest of the afternoon, that RT referred to him as Running Man.  The nurse also suctioned out his feeding tube to see how much was left in his stomach and she had gotten some air, which probably caused him pain and might explain him being so unhappy!  Because he was so unhappy and over breathing the vent, he was causing his Oxygen to drop so they kept having to up his oxygen.  He started out at 50% and ended up at 75%.  Here is a glimpse of how the poor lil guy looked:


Our last ditch effort was to give him a preemie pacifier, which still looked way too big for him.  Because he kept trying to get his thumb in his mouth and he just wasn't figuring it out.  Now granted, yesterday he hated the pacifier and wanted nothing to do with it.  Today...different story...he secured that pacifier in his mouth and gummed it like it was food!  

"The doc says 1 ml of food per hour, I'd like to see him survive on that and not be grumpy!" - Hudson

The surgeon did come in this morning and look at Hudson's stoma and looked at his output, he is very pleased.  Said everything looks great:)  

Also, from pictures I'm sure you noticed he's no longer enjoying his tanning.  His numbers went down significantly, but will be tested again over the weekend.  So, he very possibly could have to go back under the light and enjoy his shades.

Hudson and I enjoy looking at each other, he tries talking to me (but the tube down his throat makes it not I can't even hear his cry), I read him his books, tell him about all the family and friends outside of his box that can't wait to meet him...overall we had a really great day!  Hudson and I missed his Daddy like crazy, but we can't wait to see him after work on Friday!

Here is a more up close picture:)  My favorite picture of him so far!!!

"i love you, thank you for loving me" - Hudson

That's it as far as Hudson update and news...

I'm going to take a moment and just express how thankful and blessed Ben and I are for Hudson.  Yes, he is a preemie and has some issues.  But, all in all he is as stubborn as his parents!!!  We know that we will have good days and bad days with Hudson, but we just have to continue to take it one day at a time.  NICU is a whole different world and until you experience it, you have no clue.  I thought I knew what NICU would be like, and it is nothing of the sorts.  There are 55 beds in the NICU, almost to full capacity and there are babies that are there for a variety of different reasons.  Cases like Hudson, just wanted out in the world too soon, to full term  and anything from intestinal issues, heart issues, brain issues, genetic disorders, kidney issues, a combination of issues, etc. And now the worry of cold and flu season...oh and RSV season is here, so siblings of babies aren't allowed to come visit any more.  I was told if I feel the slightest of a cough, runny nose, etc, I needed to wear a mask or not come to the NICU.  Ben and I both got our flu shots.  I have met some pretty amazing families and cannot imagine what they are going through.  So as you continue to keep Hudson in your thoughts and prayers, please remember Hudson's friends at Riley as well.   

And for anyone that knows me...knows that I love food!  Anyways, very thankful for a special delivery of taco bell today for lunch and then topped my night off with a special delivery from my work family of baked goods that flooded the kitchen of Ron's House, thank you Lauren and Resa for bringing it down:)  There are 52 rooms here, the goodies were very much appreciated and gone in no time!!!  I did snag the container that said Kim and Ben on it because I heard those were made strictly for HUDSON from Dilynn:) And I cannot wait to read Hudson the new book he got written by Rylan and show him the spiderman car!   

Lots of Love

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