Thursday, October 25, 2012


t.g.f.h.d. - thank goodness for hair dye!

After yesterday, I have been a bit on edge if you will.  Probably over analyzing every facial expression, cry, yawn, stretch, etc...

Ben always calls and checks on Hudson on his way to work and then calls and updates me.  Hudson had 2 more bradys during the night shift.  

Today...I get to his bedside earlier than usual and did his care.  When I was doing it the NP comes over to discuss his chest xray from this morning.  She said it looked better than last night but still a little hazy on the outer part of his lungs.  We had our usual day...
  • he looked at me and I looked at him (repeat)
  • he smiled at me and I smiled at him (repeat)
  • he cried and surprisingly I didn't cry (not that often)
  • he peed and I changed his diaper 
  • he pooped and I emptied his bag
  • he listened and I read (repeat)
    • my favorite part of one of his books reads:  I'll love you forever, I like you for always, As long as I'm living My baby you'll be.  When I get to the part about my baby you'll be he always smiles.  I love his reactions:)
  • he flirted with the nurses and doctors (repeat)
Hudson's team decided to make a few changes today...
  1. lower the caffeine dose
  2. stop the multi-vitamin dose
  3. add an iron dose
All of these things were done in response to his new daily thing that gives Mommy gray hairs!  A BRADY...

So, we are into our day (about 11) and he'd been good (no signs of a brady).  So I got comfortable with the idea of holding him again.  Decided I'd do that after the 2 o'clock care, and that lil booger had 2 bradys while I was holding him again.  On one of them his feeding tube had come out so, once he was suctioned he was fine.  Neither one was anything like yesterday, but enough to make me give him a good talking to.  I explained to him that he is aging me quickly!  I told him that thank goodness for hair dye because Amy is going to cover up my gray hairs he's giving me!  He smiled when I told him that...he plays possum very well.  After we snuggled, I was doing his care time and noticed his chest didn't look right.  I questioned it so the doctor came to have a look and listen.  The doctor said that Hudson looked like he was working harder to breathe, probably from yesterday's episode and that she was going to give him more flow on his vapotherm to help expand him so he wasn't working so hard.  She scheduled another chest xray in the morning to see how his lungs look.  The doctor was telling me, the bradys could be a sign that Hudson has an infection so overnight if he has any difficulty they will do a septic work up...cultures to see if he has an infection so they can treat.  

A few hours later, Ben and I walk in.  As Ben is washing his hands I look over and see Hudson's heart rate dropping.  I know the rules, wash hands before going in the isolette...but when you see the heart rate falling...all rules are out the window.  I purelled myself though and opened up his isolette and rubbed his back...didn't really do the trick so I lifted him up a little and his heart rate was back up but then his oxygen level went down.  Ben was like Hudson, you can't set your alarms off every time I walk in!  Needless to say, none of the bradys he had today were anything like the one yesterday, but all are taken very serious.

Ben is on fall break so Hudson and I get him for 4 days:)  Hudson is very excited...who am I kidding so am I!  I love it when Ben starts talking and Hudson's eyes just pop open.  He recognizes our voices and he only hears his Daddy's so usually when Ben first walks in and talks Hudson is looking all around to find Ben because usually he isn't where Hudson can see him yet.  And then once Hudson can see him, he'll smile. :)  

Ben and I are very thankful that Hudson is in the best care possible!  Hudson has brought so much joy and love into our life that I never thought imaginable...I'll admit, I'm wrapped!  And I'm pretty sure he has Ben wrapped too!  And if I didn't know any better...I'm pretty sure lots of others out there are wrapped too!  Our family is so blessed to have so many loving people in our life!!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers, keep them coming!

A few of my favorites from today:)

"Mommy, seriously...let me pick out my own clothes from now on!" - Hudson
(this was his first outfit yesterday, it says "Mommy's Big Guy")

"Will you read me that one story again?" - Hudson

"Do these monkey's make my feet look big?" - Hudson

"shhh, I'm hiding!  I don't want to go back in my house!" - Hudson

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