Sunday, October 14, 2012

A rootin' tootin' good day!

Hudson went up on his food again today!  He was at 8ml this morning and if he tolerated that well at 10p tonight they'd up it to 9ml, which is "FULL" feeding for him!  They'll do that for a few days and then they will do every few hour feedings with him.  Hudson did lose an ounce since yesterday, but nothing to be concerned about since they took him off the TPN and increased his milk intake.  Baby steps...but soon enough we'll get some chunk on him!  We did bring in clothes for him, but today wasn't his day to wear them.  If he gets a few more ounces on him then he can wear them!

Hudson's stats for today...Sunday's are the only day they do the length and head measurements...
3 lbs 4 oz (weight)
15 1/4 inches (length)
11 3/4 inches (head)

Did you know Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away and Christmas is 10 weeks away?  I asked the Dr.  if everything is still going according to plan what the likelihood of Hudson be home for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away and Hudson will be 36 weeks gestational age.  He told us not likely.  Typically what happens is when a baby is at 36 weeks and they are off respiratory care (cpap, vent, etc) then they'll introduce feeding with a bottle.  Some babies catch right on, some don't.  Plus he'd have his second surgery before we can go home too, and we don't know when that will be yet.  Depends on the surgeons.  So needless to say with Thanksgiving about 5 weeks away...we will still be camped out at Riley and not in Lafayette.  Christmas slightly more possible that we'll be in Lafayette.

Weekends have now become Manly Men Bonding Time!  At noon care Ben changed Hudson's diaper, I think Hudson could sense the fear in Ben's eyes so he wasn't as wiggly as normal.  We did the rest of his care.  Because of Hudson being on the CPAP he has a lot more air on his stomach and when you have need to get rid of it, right?  Ben and I heard him toot into his poo bag today.  We cracked up!  We've been so fortunate to get nurses that are awesome with Hudson but are pretty good to us too.  The nurse said that Hudson has lots of air on his belly because of his cpap.  So every few hours she was taking the air off his stomach so he was more comfortable.  So Hudson had a rootin' tootin' good day!

A few of our memories from today:)

"Haha, Mommy caught you goofing around" - Hudson

"I so sleepy, didn't you see my do not disturb sign?" - Hudson

"I'm going to have to change my name and identity once I get out of here from all of these embarrassing pictures!" - Hudson

"I didn't gain any weight so they wouldn't put clothes on instead they wrap me in a blanket.  That makes so much sense...or not!" - Hudson

Go out and make it a great week!

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