Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ham or Flirt...

One thing is for sure after today...Hudson is quite the little ham or flirt!  He is very awake and alert after hands on care and he loved his nurse and nurse practitioner today!  And that stood there and talked to him while he smiled and made faces at them, it was hilarious!

For the most part...over the next several weeks we are going to be pretty low key just increasing food and gaining weight (Hudson that is...Mommy is trying to get rid excess).

Our Highlights today:)

  1. Hudson and Daddy started a tradition today and watched the Colts game via ESPN live feed...Daddy hopes sooner than later they can watch the game!
  2. Daddy is now a pro at Hands on Care:)  Hudson now gives him a run for his money like he does me and won't hold still.
  3. Now when I walk to Hudson's bedside and say good morning or Mommy's back...he just looks at me and smiles:)  I love seeing all of his face now!
  4. He is still doing really well on his vapotherm.
  5. Hudson's Stats for Sunday:
    1. Height:  16 inches
    2. Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz
    3. Head: 29.5 cm
  6. The doctors increased his food volume!  

Picture time:)
"Mommy wants me to I give her this face instead:)" - Hudson

"Daddy + Me = Happy Mommy" - Hudson

"Daddy, why is Luck making the touchdowns?" - Hudson

"I stretching!  This Halo really keeps me in place!  Oh, no...what does Daddy have?" - Hudson

"Oh no!  Daddy, why!?!  Why does my mouth have to be clean?" - Hudson

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