Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Day #44

Today I'm Thankful to my friend who sent me this....she said it reminded her of me...I had to share because I was laughing and crying as I was going down the list.

Only a NICU mom would...
be excited about increased feedings.
be excited about an oz of weight gain.
be excited about O2 levels. inch in length.
...fighting O2 support.
...eye openings.
...poppy diapers.
...graduating beds.
...changing rooms.
...dread walking out of those sliding doors to go sleep.
...10pm phone calls to let you know your LO did something good/new.
...going to the hospital(hey we get to see our kids).
...cpr classes(they're coming home soon!)
...out growing clothes.
understand the realism of adjusted ages.
know that Brady's are not referring to the Brady Bunch(had to be funny!)
know what a CVL is used for.
know what CPAP means.
know the workings of an isolette.
know what each beep means.
know how important kangaroo care is.
know what a PICC Line is.
know just how important surfactant is and what it is for that matter.
know just how important each new day is and how much significance a new day holds. Sure every day to a mom of a FT baby means a lot but we go in not knowing...and that is scary.

I'm also thankful because Hudson gained more weight!!!!  He's 3lbs 14.4oz.  I never thought any person with Sheckles genes would have to fight so hard to gain weight.

Today was quite amusing to say the least:)

I love doing Hudson's care time, it's the ONE thing I can do for him...minus the bag change!  Haha.  I've seen it put on plenty enough that I probably could put it on...but since we'll more than likely not go home having to have the bags...I'll let the nurses continue to practice so they can perfect their bag changing styles:)  I'm doing it for them!  ANYWAYS!  So I open the arm holes of the isolette and unwrap Hudson from his Halo, then unsnap his outfit and proceed to take his temperature.  I next prep to empty his bag and then I see it...the bag leaked!  How can a small 3lb 14oz Hudson get said leaked poo up his back?  He's wrapped/swaddled so tightly, he can't really, I wrapped him back up and we waited on his nurse for that piece of care:)  I cleaned his mouth and changed his probe while we waited on the nurse.  Nurse got a new bag on and we decided it was BATH TIME!!!!  Hudson's not so favorite thing.  And then he got a new outfit and new halo because he'd obviously wanted a complete wardrobe change!  He went off to sleepy town for awhile.

After I got back from lunch, I read Hudson all of his books.  I've began to make up my own stories with the pictures, that way I feel like he isn't hearing the same thing day in and day out from me.  I also told him that today was a very special day...his cousins were celebrating their 10th birthday!  I told him about all the different Halloween costumes I saw yesterday and we talked about outfits for him next year.  We talk about everyone in our family and the messages they send, etc.

We did the next care time...temperature good!  emptied bag and no leaks! changed diaper! changed probe! did oral care!  and snuggled him bag up so I could get him out for our snuggle time.  Just as I was getting him out, the nurse asked me to put him back.  Ultrasound called and they were coming up to do his follow up from one that was done days after birth.  This is checking on his kidneys.  So, of course he LOVED his ultrasound and was in rare form for snuggle time with me.  He only lasted about 90 minutes because he kept requiring too much o2 so back to bed he went. 

Once he was back in bed he just looked at me and smiled and his o2 requirement went down by 7%.  He's such a little ham, I swear he knows how to make his alarms go off!  During the day he had no Brady's, but he did have one shortly after night shift came on.  His nurse said he alarmed but came right back up on his own.  

Hudson has quite the visitors during the day...RT's, nurses, other hospital staff or doctors he's had before or I've had (yes my favorites from UH) that like to sneak a look at him.  His favorite lady that likes for him to pee on cotton balls came by today and he stuck his tongue out at her.  She was telling me she had came by a few days ago and gotten a cheek swab and he wanted to spit for her.  He didn't like her telling on him.

I got back to my room tonight and called My nephew Derek and niece Lindsay who celebrated their 10th birthday (November 1st)...I told them I'd try to have the blog done by 9pm so they could read it before bed. EPIC fail!  My phone conversation with them tonight was one I will not forget.  No sooner did I wish them a Happy Birthday and ask how their day was...guess what their conversations with  me were..."how's hudson today?" "when's he getting out of that box?" "my birthday wish would be for Hudson to wish me a happy birthday" "what do you do when you are at the hospital with hudson" "aunt kiki, don't you watch the news there was this hurricane called sandy..."  After I explained all of those, the next conversations were "where's ben?"  "who's taking care of colt?"  and i answered those as well...I had to laugh when I was talking to my friend about those conversations tonight...I'm no longer me...I'm Hudson's Mom!  Hahaha:)  And tonight, he's what I'm most thankful for...Hudson!

I realize, that was a lot to take in...recap from Hudson's medical team for his care today.
increase his feeds to 12 ml per hour.  follow up ultrasound.  and also adjusted his dose for sodium. and wait for him to get some chunk on him:)

Here's Halloween Hudson:
"That's right!  I'm the cutest black cat you've ever seen!" - Hudson

"Party foul...why do I have to dress up if Mommy isn't dressed up?" - Hudson

"Hmm I wonder if I can reach my pacifier?" - Hudson

"PLEEEEEEEEEEASE take this silly mitten off!!!!  I won't pull my tubes out any more!" - Hudson

And from today (November 1st):

"My nurse is getting tricked if she opens up my halo!" - Hudson

"Raising the roof!  Mommy got me all clean and put my airplane outfit on!" - Hudson

"Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it!" - Hudson

"My eyelids are just so heavy Mommy" - Hudson

Be thankful!  Ben, Hudson and I are very thankful to have all of you in our life!  


  1. Kim, I just have to tell you how proud I am of you and the Mommy you have become! Who would of thought all those years ago when we got to know each other that you would be such a wonderful Mommy to such a special little boy? You are just about as close to perfect Moms as they come. You are such an inspiration to others I know. I can just hear what some of the other mothers in NICU must be saying."I wish I was like Kim over there. She is so good with her son." God sure gave Hudson a wonderful Mommy. I know Daddy is special too because he loves Mommy. God Bless you and your wonderful family~! I am thankful today that Hudson has you for a Mommy!!~

  2. Every time I read your blog, I just want to give you a big hug. I'm so glad Hudson is getting stronger each day - and you and Ben are too! Hugs all around!

  3. Kim, I love the picture of Hudson raising the roof!!! He is definitely an amazing little miracle!