Sunday, November 4, 2012

chunky monkey

Otherwise known as Hudson:)  One of the NNP's Hudson had his first week stopped by to see him this evening, she couldn't believe what a chunky monkey he had become.  She puffed up her chest and said we know how to fatten them up!  She was so proud of him for his respiratory needs and couldn't get over all the hair he still had!

Hudson had two big brady's today requiring stimulation and more oxygen.  He also had to have his bag changed which takes a lot out of him.  When it was ready for his next care time Ben and I popped his top and started his care and wouldn't you know...leaky bag!  So after the nurse replaced it we continued but noticed he could use a bath!  So he got a bath, care and a bag change and a new outfit on in the matter of half hour and he was OVER us!  He was tired and just wanted to sleep, which he did:)

We talked to his NNP for today and she was telling us she was very pleased with him.  We started asking the when does he get a crib stuff...well it was explained to us ever so nicely:)  He is only 34 weeks, we don't want to rush him.  Right now he's doing well on gaining we don't want to stress him with adding the noises of the nicu and the breezes (wasn't sure about this one but didn't say anything).  In his isolette it is a sound barrier, breeze barrier and he's only allowed out once a day so he can't lose that much body heat.  She said around 1800 grams they start popping the top, well he is 1920 grams today!  So we experimented today with popping the top, however he couldn't keep his temperature up so we had to put his top down.  Baby steps!

Besides Ben and I, the only other people to touch Hudson are the Riley employees.  And lately Hudson has been very temperamental.  He hasn't liked being held, his oxygen needs go up and he just gets fussy.   Ben and I are just thankful for the little bit that he does tolerate being held so we can bond with him.  But this is Hudson's plan, we are reminded he'll tell us what he needs and when he needs it or doesn't need it.

Today he weighed in at 4lbs 4oz!
Height...16 11/32 inches (I believe that's what Ben told if I'm wrong, he'll have to set the record straight)
Head measurement...terrible mom of the year award...I don't remember:/
I do remember Ben said in Weight and Height Hudson is in the 10th percentile for his age, 34 weeks.  His head measurement is in the 50th percentile.

Lots of questions around when can Hudson come home...
1.  he has to have re connection surgery - the surgeon wants him at 6.5 lbs
2.  he has to recover which could be 2 to 4 weeks
3.  pass his carseat test
4.  take a bottle and keep it down for 48 hours
and a few other things but off the top of my head I can't remember...
Estimated Release is his due date, which is December 17th.  (which is 6 weeks away...and Christmas is that next week!)

"So this sucking thing really isn't that bad, I guess I'll do it." - Hudson

"Loving on my Daddy!" - Hudson

"Yay!!!  My roof is raised!" - Hudson

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