Wednesday, November 21, 2012

morning phone call

Got a call this morning from Hudson's doctor.  He had another episode like yesterday's only this time he had to be bagged.  Which means they gave him breaths like you would for cpr, but no chest compressions.  She had a chest xray done and saw the picc line was a little deep, so they were going to pull that back.  If it's in too deep sometimes it can cause an irregular heart rate, but shouldn't cause brady's of this significance.  She said it could be a combination of his eye exam, which happened 15 minutes before the brady, uti and reflux.  They stopped his feeding to put a tube down his throat to suction the air off his belly.  (air from them bagging him)  He is going to be fed strictly tpn for today and possibly tomorrow.  She was also getting another blood culture work up to see if the infection had spread to his blood stream.  She said even if it has, he's got the two antibiotics working against that bacteria.  His eye exam showed the same findings as last week, so they will be doing a follow up next week.  Hudson has been through quite the roller coaster this last week, but he is a fighter for sure.  As scary as this is,  I'm thankful he's surrounded by the best of the best medical team.

Thank you for your prayers!  He is resting comfortable right now.

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