Friday, November 23, 2012

2 days too long

Hudson had a good day today!  Yesterday was good too!  Slowly but surely he's feeling better and getting a little spunk back!  

Today when we called to check on him we found out that he is 5lbs 15oz...1 more ounce and we will have a 6 lb baby on our hands!!!  The team was also going to start donor breast milk again, 2ml per hour to see if he tolerates it.  He has had a few brady's but none of significance like Tuesday/Wednesday episodes.  We are just thankful for the prayers!!!  His UTI threw him for a loop!

Ben had felt well all day and decided he'd go see our lil man so he didn't think we forgot about him.  I on the other hand feel a lot better, just not 100%, more like 95%.  Anyways, if I wake up in the morning and I'm feeling 100% there is no holding me back!  So, I instructed Ben to take LOTS of pictures!!!!  Hudson was so happy to see his Daddy, you could see it in his face!  

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