Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monkey Business

Hudson wasn't able to keep his temperature up so he's not going to see a crib any time soon.  If he gains weight again tomorrow he can try again on Saturday.  Even though he didn't keep his temperature up, he did manage to gain 40 he's 4lbs 11.5oz! 

His doctors were very pleased with how he was tolerating his nasal cannula!

Other than that...the usual:)  Although my time with Hudson was earlier in the morning than usual.  I walked in and the nurses were like, what are you doing in here so early!  I love it when I don't stick to a routine...just never know what I'll do:)  I gave Hudson a scrub down, which he did NOT enjoy!  He kept grabbing my hand and pushing it away.  But once I was drying him off he was all smiles.  I made his hair stand up all crazy!  The nnp came over right as I finished dressing him and wanted to give him the "look over" to make sure he was tolerating the nasal cannula.  Anywho, she says oh my, what happened to his hair!  I giggled and said I did it as she's flattening foul!  I don't know why everyone is all about slicked hair!  Once she walked away I made it crazy again and then put his hat on:)  Then we snuggled.  His nurse and I decided he needed to get with the dress code too...although his lil hat didn't meet dress code...

I give daily hugs, squeezes and messages from everyone that tells me too and some that don't tell me please let me know if you have a message you'd like for me to pass along to Hudson.  Within reason of course, Colt wanted me to lick Hudson...I told him that was not acceptable and a hug would have to do:)  Hudson and Ben and I all feel the love and support that all of you continue to shower us with.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our lil man! 

Overall great time with Hudson today:)

"I feel like doing some monkey business today!" - Hudson
((crazy hair Hudson))

"Hoo Hoo HOOSIERS!!!!" - Hudson
"That's right, Mommy loves IU and Daddy loves PU.  My house is divided." - Hudson

"Yay!  It's time for silly faces:) ;/ ;} :p :o" - Hudson
"I love silly face game with Mommy, but I'm tired from all this monkey business!" - Hudson
((and Hudson's crazy hat hair))

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