Tuesday, November 27, 2012

first of many big days...

Mommy is so proud of Hudson!!!!  He is 6 Pounds 0.5 Ounces:)  ((that's half an ounce)).

Hudson has been tolerating his food, so he got to go up to 4.5 ml per hour:)

I did Hudson's care today, gave him a bath and went to put MY favorite outfit on him...and he has gotten too long for it!  What the heck?!  Hudson thought it was funny!  But then I got the last laugh because I put him in a cuter outfit...that isn't snap so he doesn't like it as much while getting dressed.

Hudson has a love hate relationship with Tuesday.  He loves it because his Daddy comes to see him on Tuesday's, but he hates it because the EYE ladies come too.  Well, poor kid had two eye exams today.  He had his first one and the doctor said she wanted a second opinion just to be sure.  Hour or so later, second opinion confirmed that Hudson needs to have laser treatment in both eyes for ROP.  More than likely he'll have to have glasses down the road and he'll be near sighted.  He has that laser treatment in the morning (Wednesday at 7a).  They will give him "happy juice" so he won't feel a thing.  He'll be worn out and will more than likely sleep the rest of the day.  If you want to read more about ROP here's a link:  http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/rop/rop.asp#7

Then Thursday he's got his contrast study scheduled.  This is to make sure there is no other bowel issues before his next surgery.

And then Friday...he will hopefully get his 2 month shots.  Something happens every day so they keep pushing it back...so Friday is the new goal for this to happen.

Hudson will be good and ready for the weekend!

And after 10 weeks of being in one spot, a new baby that will have several pieces of equipment needed Hudson's spot.  So we were moved today...and talk about the filling in an oreo!  It is different, and very tight...this next couple of weeks are going to be a lot closer.

Enjoy some Hudson time from today:)

"My Mom insists on putting a different outfit on me every day.  It wasn't dirty!" - Hudson

"Quit teasing me!  I want that pacifier!" - Hudson

"I could listen to my nurse talk to me all day...as long as she keeps feeding me anyway!" - Hudson

"If only Mommy knew what I was really thinking!" - Hudson

"But Dad, I don't want the eye ladies to come back today!" - Hudson

"Daddy, we really need to talk.  How about you do the next eye exam for me?" - Hudson

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  1. I am so glad to see such progress in Hudson! Before you know it he will be home and then walking, running, getting into things, and terrorizing mommy :) Ben and Kim, I'm so proud of you both for keeping your heads held high and being positive. You are all three very strong.