Monday, November 26, 2012

Live from Riley NICU

Hudson Emmett Murray weighed in at 5lbs 15oz again today!  He's teasing everyone with gaining a few grams so he doesn't tip the scale.  I say TIP the scale already:)  He's been teasing me for 4 days now...he's been gaining a few grams, losing a few grams....story of my life though:)  I know I know, this is JUST the beginning of what he'll do!

Hudson had a wonderful day!  We had our favorite (we have lots, but she was our first favorite) nurse today!!!  During his rounds the doctor decided to go up to 2.2 ml per hour and turn his vapotherm down to 3 lpm!  These are baby steps, but baby steps in the right direction!!!!  During the afternoon rounds, his doctor asked me if I could have a pep talk with him so he handles his eye exam better this week.  I think he'll do great!  But, probably an extra prayer couldn't hurt for this matter.  His eye exam is very stressful to him and we are looking at making baby steps forward:)  It was also good to visit with his doctor that had him his first week, she was in amazement on where he is today!  I had a proud Mommy moment showing him off to her.

Hudson has not only filled out...but he's gotten quite the reputation with the nurses.  For amusement sake they love to come over and say "hi hudson" and they love to see his facial expressions.  For some nurses he gives a full smile and almost a pretend this is what I look like laughing face.  Others get a half smile and a few get a cry...hahaha.  He has his own personality and he doesn't hide it!

"I need a hug" - Hudson

"Mommy tricked me, I thought we were looking in the mirror!" - Hudson

"I wish my pacifier would just stay arm gets tired!" - Hudson

"Growing, digesting, holding my pacifier's exhausting!  Nap time:)" - Hudson

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