Tuesday, November 6, 2012

and the EYES have it!

So, Mr. Hudson got a real work out today.  Important things from today:)
  1. Follow up chest xray, which was great! 
  2. increased to 13ml's per hour on his food.
  3. Got weighed and decided to hang on at 4.5 lbs.  
  4. Got two sets of eye drops to prep his eyes for his Eye exam.
  5. EYE exam - a different doctor saw him today, really no change from 2 weeks ago but they want to see him again next Tuesday.  EyeDay TuesDay!
  6. Got to snuggle with Daddy and Mommy!
  7. He had a 20 hour streak with no leaky bag...but then every care time after that he's had to have his bag changed.  He didn't like it so he peed on the nurse, he'll show her!  
  8. He got another complete wipe/scrub down because that stinky leaky bag.
  9. He got to do physical therapy today, or so the nurse called it.  He got to have his arms free for a little while today so he could move them all around.  He actually did a good job of not pulling his tubes out.
  10. His doctors were very pleased with how Hudson looks and his o2 requirements from his blood transfusion yesterday.  He has his next set of labs on Thursday.
  11. Hudson gets Sodium 3 times a day, I giggle...he salts his milk!  
I have several favorite moments from today:)
  1. The night shift doctor and nnp were the same ones from the first night Hudson was at Riley.  They couldn't get over the change.  The nnp said, "see didn't I tell you this would all just be a bad dream"  right after she said, "he was such a dink!"  (Dink referring to his size).  She went on to tell us that she decided before doing the picc line she would get one more chest xray because she had a feeling and that's the xray that saw the issue.  The doctor was grinning ear to ear.  Kudos to those two and the others that worked that night.  The doctor is the one that called off the exploratory surgery that night because of the lungs not being ok.  All in all Hudson has come so far and they can't wait to see how he looks when he gets to leave.
  2. Hudson's aunt, my oldest sister Lisa...the one that works two buildings away from Hudson...well she has never flown before.  I  took her to the airport today, gave her a pep talk and watched her walk away from me at the security check point.  They just grow up so fast!  She was so excited to fly, just wasn't sure what to do and where to go.  I told her if she can read, she'll be fine.  :)  Glad I got to experience that with her!  Made me want to plan a trip...I LOVE to fly.  Hudson will too:)
  3. During snuggle time with Daddy, I just watched the two of them.  At one point, both of them had the same look on their face when I was talking.  Head slightly tilted and grinning...those two are going to be such trouble together.
  4. When I was giving him his wash down after one of his bag changes, he was just crying and carrying on.  I got him all dressed, still wasn't settled so I picked him up just enough to look at me and it was like a trigger.  He stopped as soon as he felt himself off the bed.  He's rotten already and I will take it:)
  5. Pacifier!!!  He's doing so much better with his pacifier today.  There were a few times he was able to get 10 or so sucks before he spit it out.  He just hasn't quite figured out how to keep it in!
  6. Let's face it...Hudson and I love Tuesday's because that's when Ben comes to see us.  Although, now we aren't liking Tuesday's so much because of the whole eye thing...but this too shall pass!
"You put these stupid mittens on so I'm not going to look at you." - Hudson

"My belly is getting so full." - Hudson

"Daddy is my favorite part of Tuesday!" - Hudson

"Feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving Dinner...ready for football and a nap!" - Hudson

"Notice anything different?  It's magic, they are feeding me through my nose!" - Hudson

"Daddy and I have are trying to devise a plan of escape!" - Hudson

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