Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm 2 months old today!!!

"Mommy is that you?  I heard Daddy put up the Christmas decorations, is that true?" - Hudson
"I love belly time!" - Hudson

"I was a little chilly so my nurse got me a warmer.  I'd like to think she read my mind, but I think she took my temperature.  And check out my o2 number!" - Hudson

"it's be a rough day!" - Hudson

"I love how Mommy makes my hair crazy and massages my head!" - Hudson

Found out on top of Hudson not tolerating the formula he also has a UTI.  So he's now on antibiotics for that.  UTI's usually take about 7 days to clear up.  I've not chatted with his surgeon yet, but the neonatologist did tell me today that surgery will not happen until the UTI is gone.  Hudson weighed 5lbs 7oz today.  The biopsy results came back and Hudson does not have Hirschsprung Disease!  Woohoo!  On to the next test before surgery can be scheduled.  They started Hudson's feed up again today.  Starting out at a smaller volume and over the next couple of days will work back up to the full feed.
Thanks to wikipedia...Hirschsprung disease (HD) is a disorder of the gut that occurs when all or part of the large intestine has no nerves and therefore cannot function. During normal fetal development, cells from the neural crest migrate into the large intestine (colon) to form a network of nerves called Auerbach's plexus. In Hirschprung's disease, the migration is not complete and part of the colon lacks these nerve bodies that regulate the activity of the colon. The affected segment of the colon cannot relax, which blocks the passage of stool through the colon. In most affected people, the disorder affects the part of the colon that is nearest the anus.
Hudson and I had lots of snuggles today...we also had a photo shoot today!  Those pictures coming to you soon!  Hopefully soon Hudson will be back to his happy go lucky self with all smiles:)  I don't like him not feeling well and being fussy.

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