Friday, November 9, 2012

Funny Friday

Doctors are pleased with Hudson's progress.  Seems crazy that another 3 weeks have flown and his doctor tells me this afternoon that today is her last day.  He will get a new doctor on Monday for 3 weeks.  She asked me if I had any questions before she left.  BOY do I have questions:)

Q.  When will surgery start coming and looking at him again?
A.  When he gets closer to 3kilo (and she said it with a sheepish smile) 
((and for those of you that don't talk kilo like me...that's 6lbs 9oz))
Q.  When can I ask for surgery?
A.  Well...
Q.  How about I wait until 5.5lbs?
A.  Yes, wait til then and ask for surgery to come talk with you.
Q.  I know we just got him on to the nasal cannula, but when can we start introducing a bottle to him?
A.  Ask your new doctor Monday.

She said she'd check in on him from time to time and wished us well.  I really enjoyed her!  Word on the street from the nurses...the new doctor is just as great as the last 3 have been.  Excited to meet Hudson's new doctor on Monday.

As for Hudson...well he was a HOTT MESS today!  I walk in and he's got clothes drying on his iv pole because they washed them out in the sink so they wouldn't stain as bad.  He went through 3 outfits on night shift.  They cannot figure out why his bag will NOT stay on.  I blame Hudson...he somehow does it so he can have a little extra attention from his nurse.  So we put on our last outfit at his 4pm care...some outfits are just not made for kids that have tubes and such connected to them.  So, Ben instructed me to ONLY bring back the snap outfits and I'm also going to bring some newborn outfits over too.  I know they'll be huge, but he'll be out of preemie soon anyway and filling out the newborn!

Hudson's nurse is such a sweetheart!  She told me she really struggled today with Hudson's care because he had on his IU hat:)  She's a PU graduate.  As soon as Ben got there, the two of them ganged up and decided the IU hat was too big and he needed something else.  She told me she'd be on the lookout for a pu hat.  Hahaha:)  

Hudson has continued to gain again!!!  He's now 4lbs 12.5oz!!!

Ben got the majority of the snuggle time today, almost 3 hours:)  Hudson hasn't tolerated being held that long in a while.  He loved it though:)  Daddy did too.  

Plan is if Hudson gains weight again tomorrow to pop his top and try again...fingers crossed...

Enjoy some pictures from today:)

"Thank goodness my IV pole was long enough for my outfits!" - Hudson

"WHY must Mommy take pictures?" - Hudson

"God, how much longer do I have to wear this bag?  It keeps leaking!" - Hudson

"Mommy thinks I look all cute when I open my eyes and make funny faces at her!" - Hudson

"I HATE having my temperature taken!" - Hudson

"I think it is funny that my Mommy won't change my bag, but she'll empty it.  She's so silly." - Hudson

"Did you hear, top is popped again tomorrow?  I think I can I think I can." - Hudson

"I love our silly face game." - Hudson

"oh look, a squirrel!" - Hudson

"Daddy, Mommy thinks we are napping...if she only knew you were whispering the PU fight song to me." - Hudson
((although, my favorite part about this picture is Hudson holding Ben's thumb!))

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