Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Day

I decided to give my parents the night off.  They are sleepy.  Probably cause my Daddy was up so early and came over to see me this morning.  Not really sure what Mommy tells you, so I'll try to just give you the highlights.

It was harder for me to breathe today and I kept making my lights blink and make sounds.  Then my pretty girl came and listened to me, she said I didn't sound good on my right side.  So they rolled me so now I can't see my neighbors.  I hope none of them think I'm mad at them.  Then a few more pretty girls came and messed with me and took pictures of my lungs.  Then my Mommy and Daddy got there.  The pretty girl was telling Mommy and Daddy that she had bad news.  She was putting me back on the vaposomething to help my lungs so I didn't have to work so hard.  But then she said I got more food too!  Cha-ching!

And then I've been doing my "test" today to see if I can move to a crib.  I haven't yet decided if I want to be out of my house.  It's warm and quiet, the crib I'll have wind going through my hair and it'll be noisy.  Some of my neighbors are always yelling, for no good reason!  The test lasts 24 hours and we are going on 9 hours so far.  I'm trying hard not to burn calories staying warm, I'm focusing on gaining more weight!  I really want a crib though, I heard Mommy talking to Daddy about a music box on the side of my crib if I got one!  I hope so:)  I love music!

I know, I write a lot like Mommy.  But speaking of my weight, guess how much I weigh now?  That's right, 8 more grams and I'll be at 5 POUNDS!  I weigh 2260 grams and 2268 grams is 5lbs.  Mommy and Daddy sure were excited when the nurse said how much I weighed today.

Mommy and Daddy talk to me all the time, about silly stuff.  They tell me about everyone and how my brother is so excited for me to come home.  I'm pretty excited to come home too.  Mommy and Daddy spent some time outside today.  They told me how warm and sunny it was.  Mommy likes vitamin d.  They were telling me about the yummy food I was getting through my feeding tube today.  Turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, yummy!  My nurses and parents are so silly.  They always make up my menu, but I know it is just milk.  I don't want to tell them I know because they have so much fun doing it.

I'm trying to convince Mommy to pick me up!  Who could say no to these eyes:)

Here's where I'm trying to tell Mommy I want my pacifier.  All she did was smile at me and tell me how cute I was.

Here's where I'm trying to tell the pacifier to get in my mouth!

THANKFULLY Mommy finally figured out I wanted my pacifier.

Daddy save me from Mommy's photoshoot!

Hopefully I'll get my crib tomorrow...prayers for growth and my temperature and my lungs could probably use some more prayers.  Thank you for praying for me.

Everyone sleep tight!

That Baby 
(aka Hudson)

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  1. Oh man that was the cutest post ever! You are the cutest baby ever Hudson.