Monday, November 12, 2012

Hudson's house is divided...

Hudson had another great day!  He had a few brady's all reflux related and he recovered on his own!
Doctors said he's still on cruise control with his care.
He's didn't gain any weight, but didn't lose either.  He's still a whopping 5lbs 0.5oz today!

Hudson's new crib is so big compared to his old house.  However, it was easier to open his top or the sides...his crib, well you have to be muscle woman to get his side to go down.  Or at least stronger than me.  My coaches would be so disappointed in me that I literally have no strength to squeeze the bars together to let his side down.  But it is my reality...I blame my I have to ask the nurse...ahhh, a little embarrassed!  

He did well keeping his temperature up today.  I wanted to ensure his head was warm enough so I put the hat on him his Daddy got for him.  You'll see it in pictures below...against my better judgement...but he does look so darn cute.  Poor Hudson is going to be so confused...He's going to think he's a "hoo-maker" or a "boi-sers" fan instead of a Hoosier or Boilermaker.  His house is divided:)  

He didn't do well with me holding him today.  He kept requiring too much o2, so back to bed he went.  His o2 level went down and he seemed much happier.  Some days he loves being held, today just wasn't one of them.  Maybe tomorrow!  

Ben assembled Hudson's travel system last night, he did a great job!  Since we didn't have Hudson to test it out...guess who did?!
"I'm just making sure it is a smooth ride for Hudson." - Colt

"I can't believe Mommy put this on me and is taking my picture!" - Hudson

"Just making sure you are still there!" - Hudson

"I guess I'll have to sleep with one eye open to make sure nobody steals my new hat!  I'll sound my alarm if anyone tries any monkey business." - Hudson

November is all about telling what we are thankful for...Over the course of time we've been at Riley we've met some amazing people.  And soon one of them is going home.  I was sitting by Hudson tonight when I heard cheering in the hall, which is very very very unusual!  So of course, I looked out and could see a crib going by and recognized the person pushing it!  I ran out to see what was going on (ok, I walked we all know I don't run) and they were moving to the floor where they do the 24 hour monitoring before you can be discharged!!!  They've been here for almost 3 months!  Such an exciting time, we hugged and celebrated:)  And the gal sitting at the front desk reminded me that soon, that would be us.  I'm so happy for her and her family!  

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