Thursday, November 15, 2012

Short one

Today's weight: 5lbs 4oz (2.38kilo)

Had a great day with Hudson.  His auntie and uncle came to see him, he peeked at them and made faces with them. 

Ben and I take the stairs a lot of times.  Today I'm very thankful I did.  As I was going down Hudson's surgeon was coming up.  He asked how he was...long story short ball is moving.  Tomorrow when I get to his bedside we are paging the surgeon for me to sign a consent form.  Hudson is having a biopsy of his rectum tomorrow ...eeek! Results should be back Monday, then Monday or Tuesday another test/scan of his intestines.  Then we can start talking surgery!  So after talking with him today I am hopeful by next Wednesday to have a date for surgery!  He did tell me he would still like for him to be closer to the end of my conversation with the surgeon I thanked him for making my day! 

Overall Hudson is "the governor" he runs the show.  He will be on full formula feeding tomorrow.  Which according to the nnp he will gain weight faster now.  I was asked by someone outside the NICU if he had a favorite nurse or nurses...I said no but I do.  Well needless to say after an interaction with his nnp today ...I change my vote he does have favorites!  The ones he is always smiling at...and when he can hear them he will look all over til he finds them.  I would say he has a handful of favorites! 

So very blessed and thankful!  I am reminded daily with little victories that God's got this!  Today Hudson was starting to keep his pacifier in his mouth on his own vs US holding or propping something to keep it in.  It's the little things! 

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  1. No captions today from the little guy, is he wore out? LOL Thinking about you today...Glad things are moving and surgery then home will be in sight very soon!!! Love you guys!