Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful for sunshine!

The past two days have been filled with joy!  We have been praying and praying for this lil guy...Hudson never ceases to amaze us.  I walked in yesterday to hear the good news of his weight gain!  Remember at birth he was 2lbs 4oz, and just Thursday he was 3lbs 14oz but Friday he tipped the scale at 4lbs 3oz!!!!  He had gained 100 grams in one day.  When reality sunk in that he'd gained that much, Ben of course being the logical one asked if that was ok to gain that much.  But we were reassured that as long as a gain like that didn't happen daily that it was fine.  Today he had gained 10 grams, which still has him weighing at 4lbs 3oz.

Ben and I went to my hometown for a very close family friend's funeral services.  Mel was my Mom's bff and towards the last few weeks of Mel's life her memory would come and go, but one thing she always seemed to remember was Hudson.  She'd ask how Hudson was daily.  We were sitting at her funeral services today and one of the songs that was sang was one of Mel's favorites that she always sang.  You are my Sunshine!  I didn't know that..the reason I'm telling you all of this is because the one song I sing to Hudson daily is YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!  Hudson's got a special angel singing to him now, she sounds better than me any day of the week.  I loved to hear Mel sing.  Mel's granddaughter Miss Olivia got to meet Ronald McDonald a few weeks ago at school, I guess she was allowed to ask anything to Ronald and when he called on her she THANKED Ronald for building a house so that Hudson's Mommy and Daddy could stay there while her friend Hudson got better.  Olivia is just the cutest!!!  While we were home in Richmond/Centerville we got to visit with a lot of friends and family.  I was surprised how many people read the blog and keep up with Hudson.  He is a special lil guy so I will try my best to hold up my end of the deal with DAILY blog updates:)  We came back to Riley with lots of hugs to pass along to Hudson!  Let me just say he enjoyed them:)  He was Mr. Smiles tonight!

Our time with Hudson tonight was fantastic as usual!  I will say, I can be somewhat of a pain.  I know this, but when Hudson has a note next to his bed that says the blankies are mine and to please put them in his laundry bag so his Mommy and Daddy can wash them.  Wouldn't you do what Hudson's note says...well he had a new nurse who doesn't read.  And she had put his blankie that I made him in the "community linen" so it was in route to IU Health to be washed.  I got kinda fussy, Ben asked if there was a way we could get it back to wash it ourselves.  She called someone and I went downstairs with a man to the soiled linen room...he went through 6 bags of soiled linens...last bag DING DING DING DING!!!!!  I was so excited, he laughed at me and said no problem mam, I know that blankie is special and I am here for the babies!  I walked back into the module and Ben was never so thankful I had the blanket in my hands...enough about that...Ben and I both held Hudson tonight, shared stories with him, talked about the last few days and everyones messages for him.  

Needless to say God is ever present and listening to our prayers!  Keep them coming!

Here are a few pictures from today:)

"I heard I might be getting my own crib soon, it's hard gaining weight!" - Hudson

"Daddy, why are you taking my picture?" - Hudson

"Did you say scooby snack, quick while the nurse is away!" - Hudson

"You are the best daddy!" - Hudson

"Mommy, you are too eager.  Let the camera come to you." - Hudson

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