Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend of Progress !!!

Hudson has had a great weekend ! He got extubated yesterday and is doing well on the Vapotherm . They discussed weening him down on the vapotherm tomorrow to 4.0 liters. He is currently at 5.0 liters due to him not feeling comfortable taking big breathes in part because of the stomach surgery not being fully healed yet. Respiratory wise he is making progress !

On to his intestines and feeding . Over the past 24 hours he has regularly had poopy diapers every three hours. This means his plumbing works! We are thrilled ! Surgery stopped by today and gave the green light to start feeding ! They decided to start small with a formula called Pregestimil , which is already pre-digested so all Hudson has to do is absorb it and let it take its course. Instead of a continuous feed like he had before , they are going to see how he does being fed every 3 hours through a gravity feed. They are starting small with this and will supplement his nutrition with the TPN through his IV. The goal formula wise is to get him on a normal one and allow him to digest it and do everything he needs to do on his own.

While we are now on the road to home, Hudson still needs to cross several hurdles along the way. The light is at the end of the tunnel !

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