Wednesday, December 5, 2012

11 weeks old today

Hudson is 11 weeks old today...

We've had an up and down kind of day.  But we had been warned it would be that way so we had expected it.  His blood pressure was on the lower side of normal, his hands and feet were blue and cold.  And hardly any urine output.  So they increased his fluid by quite a bit.  

I'm not going to lie, it was hard seeing him like he was this morning.  His surgeon checked in on him and he was pleased with how everything looked.  Then the medical team rounded with him today they spent some time at bedside, something we hadn't seen in a while cause he was the "easy" kid.  They ordered more blood gasses and vent changes through out the day.  They stopped his fluid early evening and he is only on tpn tonight.  

His weight before surgery yesterday was 6lbs after surgery he's 6lbs 15oz!  So he's pretty swollen and you'll be able to tell that from the pictures below.

This afternoon he was opening his eyes, but a pretty blank stare.  Not really following anything.  Tonight on the other he's been pretty alert!  His blood pressure was more normal this afternoon, they'd like it to be a little higher, but they aren't concerned at this point.

Tomorrow is a big day for Hudson:)  Santa is coming to the NICU!!!  I don't know about Hudson, but I know Daddy sure is excited!!!  Ben kept telling me before bed what time we needed to leave by so we could be there so we wouldn't miss Santa.  So, maybe if we are lucky...tomorrow a picture will happen!!!  

Today was almost surreal though, it was weird being at his bedside just looking at him again and not being able to pick him up.  And the more alert he became the less he liked being touched...

He has been getting pain medicine every four hours.  

All in all a great day for a day after surgery!

Hudson at 5 days old after his surgery.  Notice he's in the same size diapers as in the 2nd picture. 
This is Hudson today.  Diaper fits him much better:)  

This was before we left tonight.  He was looking at me, following Ben's voice because he was on the other side of Hudson.
A close up of him tonight...he's more alert.  Although if I thought like Hudson...I believe his caption would be..."GIVE ME FOOD and GET ME OUT OF HERE!"  or maybe it was "MOM and DAD LEAVE NOW!"  

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