Monday, December 10, 2012


We roll with the punches.  Hudson had a great Monday!  He's still at 7lbs 3oz.  His medical team weaned him from 5 liters per minute to 4lpm early morning and then later afternoon they weaned him again to 3lpm.  I just left his bedside a few minutes ago (12:30a) and he is still doing well and only requiring 25% oxygen.  He got more food today!!  22ml every 3 hours.  He has very little residual left in his stomach each time and he seems to be tolerating the food he's on very well right now.  Hudson is still a machine when it comes to making messy diapers!  Tonight...I wished I had one of Ben's extra hands...trying to hold his pacifier in, keep his wires from getting in the poo and then getting him wiped up before he went again...that was by far the WORST diaper changing experience I've had.  And before that...Harper had that award:)  So right now I'm lucky that Hudson can't go anywhere on me...he can just move and wiggle to make bigger messes.  The RT was laughing at me because she could see I was on the struggle bus.  After the changing we had to change his clothes because he peed on them...I grabbed and outfit and tried and tried to stretch it on him...then realized it was a preemie.  Oooops!  Then it was time for eats!  He chews and chews on that pacifier...I'm hoping when bottle does come in to play that he'll be glad he's practiced so much!

"I don't think you are funny!" - Hudson

"I see my food...just connect my tube to it and I'll be good." - Hudson

"I want MORE!!!!" - Hudson

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