Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blizzard ...

Ben and I didn't get to Indy yesterday with the roads.  But I would hardly call yesterday a people like to create news!  We did get a lot done at the house so when Hudson comes home we aren't scrambling too bad.  I am sure we will still scramble.  Everything is out of boxes, wipe warmer is such a luxury!!!! 

Hudson had a great day yesterday!  Sleeps 5 to 6 hours then wakes up for food.  And his nurse last night said he fussed every time he got put in his crib so he either got held or put in his swing.  Lol...he loves to get his way!  Just the beginning though, right?

Insurance...those people will be the ones to age me!  I think they secretly like to talk to me:)  I hope to get stuff straightened out today!!!  But then again thought I had it straightened out last week.

Ben and I are headed down to Indy.  65 is really clear, thanks to the road crews!

Love & Hugs,
The Murray Fam

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