Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Murray Christmas!!!

((I stole the Murray Christmas instead of Merry Christmas from the other Murrays, love it!))

Hudson is one amazing lil guy!  He was bored with the present this morning ...as you can see from his expressions from the pictures below:)  All his really cool gifts are waiting on him at home...along with a big brother!

Hudson was 7lbs 13oz today!  Eye exam went well too! His eye exam was supposed to be tomorrow but because of the weather the docs came in today for all inpatient appointments just in case!  Speaks volumes of the dedication!  Also saw a new person today in our module ...CEO!  He did a walk thru and from what we could tell thanked the nurses and wished them a merry Christmas!  I thought that was also a step above:) 

And then our favorite nnp gave us the best gift ever!!!  The talk about Hudson's discharge!  A lot has to fall in place (training for monitor and oxygen, pediatrician appt, equipment delivery and a few other things)  all in all we could be coming home at the earliest Thursday evening or sometime Friday.  But we won't have any idea until after his test tomorrow to determine his needs.  Otherwise with the holiday it will be next Wednesday before we can head home.  So we shall see.

Even though we will be home, we will be making weekly visits to Riley for his eyes and then other various appts and hopefully becoming farther and few between!  But we will be home!!! 

Will keep you posted:)  Our Hudson is so blessed to have all of you in his life!  You have been faithfully praying and loving him to grow, heal, get stronger, to go home, etc...and to see all the prayers work in him is absolutely breathtaking!  God is so good.  He's got big plans for Hudson. We have lots more growing and developing to do, but it is a marathon not a sprint!  And God's got this!  Hudson(is such a gift!  Best early Christmas present ever...even if he has aged me!

Hudson spent the morning with us and then the nurses were so excited they had him the rest of the day for snuggle time!  Ben and I spent the rest of the day with his side of the family!  Ate way too much food and had a great time visiting everyone!  Hudson got lots of cute outfits and toys!  Between Colt and Daddy all toys have been tested and approved :) 

Tomorrow is last ditch effort to get last minute stuff done before Hudson comes home...exciting and overwhelming!  Laundry and organizing and putting together Christmas toys:)  very excited about my new Colts flag and flag pole although not quite sure Benny will put it up for me tomorrow, with all his shoveling he plans to do. 

Lots and lots of love & hugs from our family to yours!

Enjoy pictures from today...sorry Hudson captions are off tonight , but look real close at each facial expression ...you can imagine what he is saying!  Like the one where he is looking at me like I am stranger danger..."nurse, I don't know this lady!  And why is she holding me!"  Use your imagination:) and then of course our other son...he was tuckered out!

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