Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newest Plan.....

Hudson had a new np today...although we've known her the whole time, but this is the first time she's actually had him.  She was so excited!!!  We started chatting this morning and she said well looks like plan will be to go home Friday at the earliest or Saturday on oxygen.  But told me not to tell Ben just yet in case the doctor had a different plan.  And you guessed...she did have a different plan.  She wants to monitor his eating to make sure he continues to gain since we had a few days of loss, which he did go up today...just don't remember exact weight...and for him to be tested again next Wednesday on room air.  The ultimate goal would be to wean him off oxygen.  So next Wednesday late day or Thursday we should have a new plan.  Big Picture, we want what is best for Hudson and his lungs.  He's been quite the rock star on weaning, so maybe he just needs a few more days of being spoiled rotten and lots of loving from his nurses.  If that's what it takes, then sign us up!

I think I've finally got the insurance straightened out for's all the other billing places that I don't know.  I'm guessing if Riley had it wrong then so do the doctor's billing place, etc.  And I was informed to just wait for a bill and call the number on the bill.  :)

Hudson was quite the little charmer today.  Funny from today is he peed on his nurse.  I was changing him and she was standing on the other side of the bed with his pacifier...and he got her good.  She just laughed.  She said it wasn't a good day unless she got peed on.  I kept apologizing, she said it's not like you did it.  Hudson has woke up like clock work every 3 to 4 hours for a bottle.  He was getting 57 mls, now he's drinking almost double.  This afternoon he drank 100, which was a little over 3.5 ounces.  He's now known as mr. piglet, you have to take the food away from him!  Geez, traits of Ben and I are already coming out...his love for food!  Ok, I can't speak for Ben,..but I know he takes after me on this one.  He's an eat bro!

He and his nurse were partying like rock stars this evening...9p he was FINALLY called to go for his MRI.

Oh and today...13 weeks or 3 months...however you want to look at it.  He's growing up so fast!
"Mommy, my food is so yummy!" - Hudson

"You know you love me!" - Hudson

"I love to people watch." - Hudson

"I think I'm almost ready to go home, maybe Colt and I could share a room?" - Hudson

"Ahhh, the life.  My belly is full and now listening to my fish songs." - Hudson

Love & Hugs,
The Murray's

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