Sunday, June 9, 2013

last weeks stuff:)

Ben is officially done with the school year! Daddy Daycare will be in full swing:)  He ONLY gets a 9 week vacation this summer, not that he's mentioned it or anything. 

Baby Murray #2 is still nameless at this point.   suggestions welcome.   today I am 27 weeks and the way my belly sticks out there is no denying I'm pregnant.   For awhile I had a chubby awkward phase going on.  Ben loves to tell me I will have to work at losing this baby weight.  if we really want to look at scales I have only gained 5 lbs.

It's so hard to think that Hudson came at 27 weeks,  this pregnancy has been very different as far as baby's movement, ob visits, ultrasounds, my belly size, hunger and exhaustion.  My cravings are very similar,  my new thing is pellet or crushed ice.  I could nap any time of day if given the chance.  Had a good ob appt last week,  everything is on track!  I am on some restrictions as a precaution.   We are just taking one day at a time! Benny has been amazing and with me for every appt, craving,  mood swing (hard to believe I have mood swings...but wow, ask Ben), my lifter, etc...he's my rock!  Not to mention family and friends that are right there with us that have been and continue to be a huge help with Hudson!  I go back at 28 weeks for my next appts.

Hudson (aka Mini Ben) is so very close to 2 big milestones.  he sat up for about 15 seconds tonight(longest he's sat up with no help), then he got wobbly on me and wasn't consistent after that.  And you put him on his belly and his new thing is to get on his knees, chest still on ground and scoot forward.   He did this today for a good while,  scooted himself off his blanket.   and when he'd take breaks from scooting he'd prop himself up with his arms and look around.  he's so close! 

Food front: loves- bananas,  peas, apples, pears.  likes-carrots, squash and sweet taters.  HATES-green beans.  

Hudson is 17 lbs now.

We were at Betsy and Hank's last weekend celebrating Betsy's birthday and Hudson had a ball!  He was such a good boy...he's got everyone wrapped around his finger!  Gramma and Grandpa brought their jumpy toy and Hudson hung out in that practically all evening.   He entertained himself and US jumping and talking. Plus he loves being outside! He's sleeping are from his break from jumping.  

great weekend with lots to be thankful for!!!!

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  1. He's grown so much!! I'm so glad he's doing so great :) Love and hugs to Hudson and you guys too of course!