Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hudson started eating food...and loves it! he's an eat brotha!   first green beans,  then carrots,  then peas, then bananas and now apples! So far he loves it all!

he loves Miss Libby and the kids.   for Mothers Day she did crafts with the kids.  Hudson made me a little flower pot(libbys help of course) she used his toe to make the flowers painted on the pot.  it is the cutest.  and such a tiny plant, surely I can keep it alive.  I did for about 2 weeks, I have a black thumb.:( 

He also loves to be outside and go for walks, swing or just be out doors!  too many days cooped up in nicu maybe? haha!

last weekend Hudson got to spend Friday and Saturday with Ben's parents,  Saturday night and Sunday with Kim's parents and Sunday night and Monday with Auntie Sazabeth(Kim's sister)...he had quite the memorial day weekend:)  He got to see lots of family and friends....

Stopped by Clean Sweep yesterday and Hudson got to love on Gramma (Ben's Mom, not sure what she wants to be called or what Hudson will nickname her).  I love it because he is starting to recognize people now so he gets so excited!  His arms start waving up and down and he kicks and will either just smile or coo with excitement.

Hudson is so close to sitting up! so so close!

He went to Toys R Us yesterday and rode in the cart like a big boy and got to get a Cubs hat:)  gotta be like Daddy!  Looked kind of funny with a Reds outfit on and Cubs hat but he pulled it off:)

then we went to dinner!  he sat in a booster seat for the first time at a restaurant and wasn't held! not to mention no screaming!  He ate his apples, ALL of them over the course of our time at the restaurant!   After he finished eating he played with his pacifier and rattle! :)  And just sat there while we ate and talked to us,  it was the cutest!

he also was quite the showoff for holding his own bottle yesterday!

pictures from moments shared.

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