Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lazy weekend

Ben, Hudson, Colt and I are enjoying a lazy weekend at the house!  Getting laundry done, clothes packed up (yes, Hudson is out growing outfits like crazy), hanging his newest pictures on the wall and just enjoying the slow pace.

Hudson and I had appointments in Indy on Thursday, both went very well.  Hudson is officially off his apnea monitor!  The nurses in pulmonary couldn't get over how he's changed in two months (last time they saw him) and how he's back on track with the growth curves for his gestational age...he doesn't match up to a 7 month old, but for a 4 month old he's on the 50-75% in both weight and height.  He is 14 lbs 5 oz and 2 feet tall!

Hudson hasn't felt the greatest this week, just congested and fussy.  And the excess drainage has caused him to spit up more so than usual.  So because of this and any other day reasons I always pack extra clothes for him.  He went through 2 outfits...and well I should be prepared myself!  He spit up on my pants in the waiting room, then down the back of my shirt/pants when I was carrying him to get weighed/measured and then down the front of me while carrying him out of Riley.  So, I smelled LOVELY:)  Ben, well...he still had clean clothes by the time we left.

Of course during our visit to Riley we went to see our NICU family...OMG, it was so good to see them in person.  The consensus was Hudson looks JUST like Ben...and of course they couldn't get over how much he's changed.  He does not look like a preemie, unless you put him next to another 7 month old.  However, Hudson wasn't entertaining anyone at that point...he was over due for a nap and took advantage of Miss Courtney, again!  Just like old times, she held his pacifier in while we stood in the hall and talked.
Colt has his long over due appointment this week...our shaggy oldest is getting his spring grooming!  Colt feels like all toys, especially the ones that make noise are his.  So as Hudson is down playing on the floor, here comes Colt and walks off with his toys.  It's cute, almost like well Hudson's not playing with them, let me.

Hudson's nap time is almost over...better finish up the laundry while I can:)

WE are reminded daily of God's work when we look at Hudson and see him growing and developing, I hope as we share pictures and stories you also see God's work.

Loves & Hugs,
The Murray Family
(Hudson of course sends slobbers)

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